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Our Inspiration

Our Inspiration comes from far and wide, If I think back my love of Cinema, started at The Monico Twin Cinema, from a very early age I was fortunate enough to have my Mum working as a cashier there, this enabled me to have a trip to the movies pretty much every week from the age of 5-25.

I aim to emulate imagery that I have experienced from the big screen and adapt it to fit in to your Wedding film.  The greatest filmmakers in the world have not only an understanding of story telling, but of cinematography, lighting, sound design scoring and a whole lot more.  As an event filmmaker I have had to learn each discipline of film making and from my 10 years experience at the helm of this company I have been able to apply these principles learned successfully to my catalogue of films.

Our Company

Engage Cinema was founded back in May of 2004.  We started off filming local Weddings in and around South Wales.  It wasn’t long before our aspirations grew and we branched out to London.  Soon, word got around amongst the affluent young couples of the big city that a new way of having your Wedding day filmed was evolving.  Engage Cinema was one of the first companies, if not the first to adopt the Steadicam technology to film Weddings, not long after that we acquired our first camera crane.  This attracted many new clients from the Asian community, and before long I was filming many multi faith Weddings – Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Jewish, Greek, Chinese, you name it, we have most probably filmed it.

Our approach to filming is very narrative driven, as the audio of your film has paramount importance to the overall experience of viewing your film.

Our company now has a vast portfolio of Weddings and we have had the pleasure of filming in such places as St Paul’s Cathedral, where Diana and Charles famously got married, Ciragan Palace in Istanbul where the James Bond executives made their base for the 2012 film Skyfall, we have traveled to many countries to film destination Weddings for our couples in Cannes – France, Dubrovnic – Croatia, Phuket and Chiang Mai – Thailand, Oslo – Norway, Ibiza – Spain, Florence – Italy and The Virgin Islands in the Caribbean.

Our vision for the next 10 years is to grow our brand and open up studio’s all over the globe.

Our Crew

As with most businesses, the people are what makes the company find success and Engage Cinema is no exception.  Our crew are different to most, as we only hire crew who have their own filming businesses.  This brings a higher level of integrity and conscience to the table, as they are well aware of what is needed to make the final edit. We are based in the UK but have access to crew from across the world due to our commitment to industry networking.  We have gained respect across the world within our industry and have received almost 1 million views of our films (without a viral funny cat film in sight!)  So you can rest assured, we will have the cream of the industries talent on hand to film your big day.

Creative Director

Pete James

Pete James

Creative Director

I’m a passionate filmmaker, who has a love of all things cinema!
I founded the company back in 2004 and have been on an incredible journey ever since.
I’ve hosted seminars for Canon, and Master classes for SWPP, had my work showcased for Steadicam and have spoken at workshops for the IOV.
I am a respected educator within my industry and now host my own training workshops through Wedding Cinema Academy a few times a year.