Birds of Paradise

Katie Marcus 2 blog

Early this year we were contacted by Marcus and Katie to document their forthcoming Wedding on the beautiful Island of Phuket, Thailand.  As we started exchanging emails, it turns out quite a few coincidences were to unfold, firstly their Wedding was being held at a beautiful resort on the West coast called Trisara, where we had only been filming the previous year, so we were very familiar with the surroundings, a few more emails passed and we discovered Katie and Marcus were having the same wedding officiant – Marek to conduct their wedding ceremony when Marek conducted our Wedding ceremony only 2 years earlier!

As soon as I met Marcus and Katie, it was clear that we were going to be made very welcome at their Wedding as we became instant friends and that afternoon/evening we had many laughs amongst discussions about the Wedding plans.

Upon arrival at Trisara we were greeted with an abundance of friendly faces and made to feel like guests ourselves.  I quickly launched the quadcopter as the late afternoon sun was quickly descending to the horizon.  The opening sequence to the trailer was filmed on the eve of the Wedding, just before the beach party and perfectly encapsulates the beauty of the resort.

We filmed the beach party, which was a perfect ice breaker for all the guests and was filled with a sumptuous BBQ of fresh seafood intertwined with some traditional Thai dancing, Komloy’s and cocktails, we had a great time filming and had a chance to catch up with our old friend and our own Wedding officiant – Marek.

The beauty of Weddings in Thailand is that they never start until the sun is way over the yardarm! so we got a great nights sleep and headed over to Trisara around noon for the main event.  Marcus and Katie treated us to lunch in Trisara’s famous seafood restaurant, which gave us the fuel needed for the day ahead.

One stand out moment for me was watching Marcus and Katie’s plans unfold for all their guests to see and for the entrance to take place with the backdrop they had talked about enveloped with their specifically mastered music, it brings back goose bumps.  The ceremony was perfect and the weather was very kind to us, as it was rainy season in Phuket, so we were considered very lucky.

However we did rush down for a couple shoot by the beach and was only there around 10 minutes when large storm clouds started to gather, so we rushed back up to the reception to take cover.

Fortunately the storm passed as quick as it came and the reception began with some heartwarming words in the speeches, some delightful culinary delights followed by some 70’s funk on the dance floor.

I have to say I have been filming Weddings for over 10 years now and Marcus and Katie are the most loved up couple I have ever had the pleasure to film.

I hope you enjoy the trailer.

Pete James

Creative Director